Essential Oils ~ Ready to trust your intuition? I am waiting for you! ~ The Life Tribe

What are Essential Oils you ask?

Essential oils are a gift from our earth and the more we learn, study, and use these beautiful oils, the more you will see how we can replace the hard chemicals found in our current pharmaceuticals and household cleaning products.

Getting back to nature.

We live in a world of synthetic everything. Don't you agree? Well, what if nature had it right all along? We live on a planet that has amazing resources to help heal us holistically. Plants.

Essential Oils are comprised of plant material from the earth.

  • Rinds

  • Leaves

  • Herbs

  • Folowers

  • Bark

  • Spices

  • Twigs

Are you looking for a more holistic way of healing your body through boosting your immune system and managing pain?

Many of our ancestors use plants to heal and soothe. Historically we used nature to heal our bodies, manage pain and support our immune systems. Some how we veered away from that type of living. I am so thankful that we are awakening and getting back to nature. The more you study essential oils the more you will be reminded that we need to get back to our "roots." Literally.


doTerra is the company I have chosen to align myself with. Once you step into the world of doTerra you will quickly discover a whole new world. If you are like me, you will become obsessed with oils and you will want to share what you are learning, like I am doing with you right now.

How you ask?

I am so glad you asked!

Of course....use my link. When you sign up with me, you get ME as your mentor! 


Whether you want to build a business or just take advantage of the wholesale prices, either way is perfect.

It should be a no brainer to sign up as a member. Just like Costco or Sam's Club, doTerra has a yearly membership fee of $35. You can have the membership fee waived if you purchase one of doTerra's start up kits. (the smartest way to go, in my opinion) 

You can sign up as a Wholesale Member or Wellness Advocate. 

With both options you pay your $35 yearly fee and receive 25% off all your orders. The benefits of signing up as a Wellness Advocate would be that you have the ability to sign people up under you and start receiving commissions right away. I promise you, once you start using these products, you WILL want to share all the benefits with your friends and family. 

Either way, come be a part of this amazing movement of essential oils!

Start living your own Natural Life Happy Life!

I am here to help guide you along.

I have created a private group on FB for those who sign up with me called The Life Tribe, because, I feel like once you open the door to the amazingness of doTerra only good things will happen. 

You have access to me as a mentor to walk you through the process of using and working with your oils and also be as a business mentor if you decide to start a business centered around your oils. 

Essential Oil Mentor, Me! Amy Logan here, happy to walk you through the essential oil world.

I will also add you to my amazing up line team, Blossoms United. When you join my team, you will find that we do things differently and this is what appealed to me the most.

I am looking for those people who are looking for me. The universe brought us together for a reason and I think I know what it is....do you? :)

Peppermint Essential Oil

So much goodness lies ahead. I can't wait to meet you and travel this road together. Walk through those fears that are holding you back. All the goodness is on the other side. I promise. 

Ready to sign up with me? Yay!!! I am so excited!!! 

Here are the steps for signing up and ordering...

    1. Head over to https://www.mydoterra.com/thelifetribe/#/

    2. Click Join & Save

    3. Click Join doTerra

    4. Choose Wholesale or Wellness Advocate (I suggest Wellness Advocate)

    5. Fill Out All Your Information

    6. Choose your Enrollment Kit (lots of great choices) and add any extra doTerra products to your cart 

    7. Fill Out Your Payment Information and Process Your Order!!!

    8. Once I am notified of your enrollment, I will send you an email with lots of good info and further instructions. I will be asking for your address so I can send you your Soul Candy Chakra Stone Set, made by me!

If you need any help picking out the perfect Enrollment Kit, just shoot me an email and I will help you pick out what you need. soulcandyco@gmail.com

My ID Number is 3625771 and my website link is https://www.mydoterra.com/thelifetribe/#/

Sending big healing hugs,

~Amy xoxo