Stop Saying This Phrase during your Mormon Faith Crisis & For the rest of your life!

How are things going in your post mormon life? Faith Crisis got your feathers ruffled this week? Frustrated? Confused?

You are going to have to watch this weeks video to find out what phrase I am talking about. :)

It is a simple, yet very empowering trick you can use to force your brain to work for you, not against you.

It can really change your life.

It will feel challenging at first because you have probably gotten used to saying it, without even realizing you do it.

Do it and then return and report. ;)

If you need help, of course you can work with me one on one.

I live for this kind of work. It is where the good stuff is.

Amy xo


Begin Your Unstuckness From All Things Mormon and Exmormon

Feel Stuck in your Faith Crisis? You are not alone. Many people do. And really, it makes perfect sense. 

It is very easy to stay stuck in all things mormon and exmormon.

Are you ready to move on? 

I work with my clients on this everyday.

I see and know the frustrations with this dilemma. It is very real.

It is also a very true reality that you CAN move on, in healthy ways from this stuckness you find yourself in.

Try this one tool, the Thought Model.

It may sound simple at first, it involves you changing your thinking, truly changing your thinking and believing the new thoughts you choose to think.

The space in between old thoughts and new thoughts and trusting yourself is where it is at.

I guide my clients through this and it is something we work on every week.

Like I mentioned in this video, these are the cliff notes. This takes practice.

You got this!

And of course I am here for when you are ready to jump in and do the work. Life coach with me. It will pleasantly surprise you. Promise


Amy xo


My Mormon Missionary and Working Through Our Differences.

My Missionary Son and Me

Many of you have heard me talk about my son on a Mormon mission. He is in Argentina/Paraguay. (His mission is closing in June and that is a whole other story.)

We have a great relationship. He knows right where I stand and I know where he stands, as far as the church is concerned.

My relationship with him is very important to me and I am thankful for him and all that he teaches me as we work through this time in our lives.

 I wanted to share these sweet photos of him with you.

 I want you to see that he is my reason for working through my issues. I have most of them worked out, but because we have family in the church, sometimes those issues pop up when we are not expecting them. Right?

 YOU are worth it. It is worth you putting in the time and effort to heal your own wounds and pain and anger.

 Keeping relationships with your friends and family in the church does not, in any way take away from your personal experience with the church.

 We all come to our own realization in our own time.

 You are doing it all right!

 Even if you feel hurt and confused and angry and sad.

 I get it. I understand.

 Hang in there.

 Until then, here is my Nathan. 

I miss him so much!

Leaving the church and leaving it alone, nope, not on my watch. Not when my family is still in. But, I have learned to manage my mind around all of it.

I share this and him, with you, so you know, you are not alone.

But, you can learn some amazing tools that will help you as you walk this path. This path is not for whimps. 😉

I am right in it with you.


~Amy xo

Mormon Missionaries (One of them is mine) & Calling Home, New Policy

New guidelines have been set for mormon missionaries.

A phrase many of us who leave the mormon church hear is, "we can leave the church, but can't leave it alone."

I know they just don't understand. And that is okay. They have not experienced a faith crisis.

How could they understand what we have been through?

This is my biggest why tho...

My son is on a mormon mission.

I am a momma to an amazing kid who decided to become a mormon missionary. I support him in his decision, as he has supported me in my decision to leave.

So, my mormon friends, this is why. At least my why anyway.

Plus, most of us have lots and lots of friends and family in the church. That is why.

You can stop asking that question now. :)

How do we walk away when our kids or family are still in the church?

We don't.

We stick around.

We listen.

We watch.

We pay attention.

Inspired by the change in policy regarding how often we can talk to our kids serving missions, I created a video discussing this very topic. (recorded the day the change was announced.)

I even squeeze in a rant at about minute 6:16. 

*As an update to this video...

I will share with you that I got to chat with my son today, in real time. Up until just recently, this was not an option.

It was so lovely.

I am very thankful that this out dated policy has been changed.

This was the post on my personal Facebook page...

Taking full advantage of the change in policy for mormon missionaries and got to instant message Nathan for a bit today!!! It was so so so great to have a conversation in real time! AND being able to end the conversation with, I will talk with you next week, was the best!

(Video calling was way too spotty for today.)

And this photo because this is still the face I picture when I think him so far away! 

My mormon missionary

What is your why?


work with me ~ amyloganlife@gmail.com

Drink The Damn Coffee ~ Decisions After Leaving Mormonism

Drink the coffee


When you leave a church that has a lot of rules and codes and dos and don'ts about how you should be living your life, something as wonderful as drinking coffee (forbidden) feels like a pure wonderful treat from heaven, ironically.

In mormonism there is something called The Word of Wisdom. It is health code in which you should live your life by. It is kind of vague, but for some reason, coffee is a "hot drink" that you should not drink.

When I was in the secret stages of my faith crisis and I finally gave myself permission to drink coffee, I would sneak it.

I was so scared that someone from church would see me and turn me in. Not really turn me in, but super judge me.

It is such a deep conditioning. 

I know this may seem silly. It is just coffee right?

But when you have been taught that coffee is bad over and over and over, there is a lot of baggage that comes with even being open with your coffee drinking.

Think how deep other layers of religious conditioning go.

There is so much more to this story, but my point is, coffee drinking is one of my most favorite new rituals.

Seriously, I love it so much.

Everything from preparing it, turning on my coffee maker, hearing the sound of coffee brewing, the aroma that fills my home and of course, sipping on it. 

It is magical to me.

Maybe it is because it was forbidden?

But I do love it so much now and I am very thankful that I can drink the damn coffee with no guilt. 

What is one thing you do now, that you were afraid to do once you left your faith?



My Mormon Faith Crisis Story...

My Mormon Faith Crisis Story

Once upon a time...

I was born into a mormon family.

Mormonism was just the way of life.

All was well.

I was on the path, doing all that I was supposed to do.

Checking all the boxes.

I was living and loving it.

Shelving any and all issues that I wondered about.

Until one day those questions & doubts became too many.

I had to figure this puzzle out.

If the church was true, it would all be okay.

I finally gave myself permission to look into things.

I hungered and thirst after the truth.

The usual, "it will all work itself out" was no longer cutting it.

I read book after book after book.

I secretly joined forums and online groups.

I discovered a world of people who were wondering and searching too.

Just. Like. Me.

My shelf came crashing down.

All of it. Fast.

Now what?

I looked around at my life.

Most all of my friends and family are members.

Who do I talk to?

Who do I tell?

I just became one of those apostates you hear talked about at church.

But I am a good person.

I did nothing wrong.

I actually wanted to prove the church was true.

The realization is overwhelming.

I feel alone.

I feel different.

I wish I could take the blue pill and just go back to how it was.

Maybe ignorance is bliss?

How am I going to tell my spouse?

How am I going to tell my mom?

How am I going to tell my kids?

How am I going to tell my best friend?

That I don't believe, any of it.

I poured myself (not so secretly) into online groups and forums full of people like me,

All searching.

All trying to make this all make sense.

I get angry.

I feel betrayed.

I made ALL of my life decisions around the one true church.

I free fall for a bit.

I try to keep it it, until I can't.

I start thinking for myself.

Truly for the fist time in my life I see there are a million different ways to live life, not just one TRUE way.

I get the courage to say something.

My family and friends tell me I am wrong and that I will be back.

They don't believe me.

I feel marginalized.

I feel sad and depressed.

But, I know no matter the outcome I have to keep walking this path.

No matter what.

I may lose relationships.

I learn some relationships were conditional.

Some people walk away.

I walk away.

I know that I am finding a new way to be.

It is hard.

But I am strong.

I keep going.

I am finding my new voice.

I feel a freedom I have never felt before.

I find an inner strength I didn't know I had.

I create new friendships.

I find a way to make my new life work.

Come what may.

I've stepped into the new me and I am thankful, truly grateful for my faith crisis.

My new voice is emerging and I feel good in my own skin.

I feel like I am going to be okay better than okay.

Life is good, even if it is messy.


*not to be reproduced or used without permission by me.

Anatomy of a Faith Crisis, My Mormon ExMormon Story

You may secretly being going through you own faith crisis, dealing with all things mormon, lds, exmormon. Yeah?

Well then, this one is for you.

I hope you hear your story in my story.

I hope you know you are not alone.

I hope you how this experience you are going through is hard, but you are strong.

I hope you know that you will rise.

I hope you know that your life will be better because of what you are going through.

I hope you know that you are loved.

It would mean the world to me if you could watch this short film, click the like button, click the subscribe button and leave a comment, on my YouTube channel.

I know this is a big ask in today's social media fast past world, but I could use your help with this one.

By doing these simple things it helps my film be seen by more people. 

It has always been my goal to help others not feel so alone during their faith crisis. I know this will help.

Thank you. So. Very. Much.

With no further ado, I present...

Anatomy of a Faith Crisis. 
a story by Amy Logan and a film by James Rhodimer.

Amy xoxo

The Mormon Exmormon Matrix ~ Blue Pill / Red Pill

We often think ignorance is bliss, right?

Maybe it is.

Maybe it is not.

Would you go back to the way you thought before you had your faith crisis?

I am going to guess no. (Not that you can anyway.)

So, here we are.

What do you do now?

You keep moving forward.

You keep figuring out this puzzle you have been dealt.

Learning to manage your own mind around all of the pain involved in your faith crisis is the beginning of moving on.

I can help with this stage of your crisis of faith.

This is what I do.

When you are ready, work with me.




Faith Crisis Playbook

So many of us feel like we are free falling through our faith crisis.

It can feel scary and alone.

I have an arsenal of tools you can use to help ease the pain of it all.

I would love to work with you.

I am an exmormon, but I have coached many people from different post religious faiths.

We go through similar things.

Leaving ones faith is not for the weak.

It is hard.

You will get thought this.

Amy xo amyloganlife@gmail.com

Doing the work of a Faith Crisis.

What you are experiencing, your faith crisis, can be one of the hardest things you will go through in life.

I know this may seem extreme to your friends and family members who have not experienced this, but is is most likely what you are feeling.

This is your journey. 

You are feeling the real and raw effects of a major paradigm shift. 

Doing the work of a faith crisis involves creating new neural pathways in the brain.

Besides hurting your heart, it literally hurts your thinking too.