• The Mormon Church and The LGBTQ Policy Reversal
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The Mormon Church and The LGBTQ Policy Reversal

Oh, Mormon Church, the pain you have caused so many people.

Are you even aware of the suicides, excommunications, family divides, and pain you have cause so many people.

I guess the church is the church and they get to do what they want to do.

You get to use your brain and figure this out for yourself.

Use your critical thinking skills.

Use your logic.

Question it all.

Let's talk about this new LGBTQ policy reversal.

I was there in November, 2015 at the mass mormon resignation shortly after this policy was revealed (through revelation), standing in the shadows of the church office building, as thousands gathered and had their name removed from the records of the mormon church.

It felt like a very historical day.

Now, 3.5 years later, the church reverses their very own "revelation."

That is good, I guess, but it seems too little too late.

Lots of damage done, lives lost and immeasurable pain.

The church has been hemorrhaging members for a long time, I have a feeling the bleeding just got more intense.

More thoughts in my video.



  • Amy Logan
  • lgbtq

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