Mormon Missionaries (One of them is mine) & Calling Home, New Policy

New guidelines have been set for mormon missionaries.

A phrase many of us who leave the mormon church hear is, "we can leave the church, but can't leave it alone."

I know they just don't understand. And that is okay. They have not experienced a faith crisis.

How could they understand what we have been through?

This is my biggest why tho...

My son is on a mormon mission.

I am a momma to an amazing kid who decided to become a mormon missionary. I support him in his decision, as he has supported me in my decision to leave.

So, my mormon friends, this is why. At least my why anyway.

Plus, most of us have lots and lots of friends and family in the church. That is why.

You can stop asking that question now. :)

How do we walk away when our kids or family are still in the church?

We don't.

We stick around.

We listen.

We watch.

We pay attention.

Inspired by the change in policy regarding how often we can talk to our kids serving missions, I created a video discussing this very topic. (recorded the day the change was announced.)

I even squeeze in a rant at about minute 6:16. 

*As an update to this video...

I will share with you that I got to chat with my son today, in real time. Up until just recently, this was not an option.

It was so lovely.

I am very thankful that this out dated policy has been changed.

This was the post on my personal Facebook page...

Taking full advantage of the change in policy for mormon missionaries and got to instant message Nathan for a bit today!!! It was so so so great to have a conversation in real time! AND being able to end the conversation with, I will talk with you next week, was the best!

(Video calling was way too spotty for today.)

And this photo because this is still the face I picture when I think him so far away! 

My mormon missionary

What is your why?


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