Drink The Damn Coffee ~ Decisions After Leaving Mormonism

Drink the coffee


When you leave a church that has a lot of rules and codes and dos and don'ts about how you should be living your life, something as wonderful as drinking coffee (forbidden) feels like a pure wonderful treat from heaven, ironically.

In mormonism there is something called The Word of Wisdom. It is health code in which you should live your life by. It is kind of vague, but for some reason, coffee is a "hot drink" that you should not drink.

When I was in the secret stages of my faith crisis and I finally gave myself permission to drink coffee, I would sneak it.

I was so scared that someone from church would see me and turn me in. Not really turn me in, but super judge me.

It is such a deep conditioning. 

I know this may seem silly. It is just coffee right?

But when you have been taught that coffee is bad over and over and over, there is a lot of baggage that comes with even being open with your coffee drinking.

Think how deep other layers of religious conditioning go.

There is so much more to this story, but my point is, coffee drinking is one of my most favorite new rituals.

Seriously, I love it so much.

Everything from preparing it, turning on my coffee maker, hearing the sound of coffee brewing, the aroma that fills my home and of course, sipping on it. 

It is magical to me.

Maybe it is because it was forbidden?

But I do love it so much now and I am very thankful that I can drink the damn coffee with no guilt. 

What is one thing you do now, that you were afraid to do once you left your faith?