Mormon Temple Veil Lifted ~ Post Mormon Life and Changes

Leaving your religion is very complex, no matter the religion.

I happen to be an exmormon and now I help others leaving their faith learn now to process this transition.

It is multi-layered, for sure.

Dealing with changes the church makes as it grows and progresses can bring up all sorts of feelings for us.

The Mormon church just changed a few things that happen in their temples. Women not needing to veil their faces is one of the changes. I will be talking about it here.

I know this is a sensitive topic.

I am treating it carefully and with respect even tho I show what the veil looks like.

The church itself shows images of the temple clothing and because women are not required to wear the temple veil in the temple I feel it is okay to talk about.

Do not watch if this topic brings up too much for you. Just know that I am speaking to the issue of change and women and the church.

At about minute 3:30 I start coaching a bit.

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