The Reasons They Think You Left Mormonism vs. The Reasons YOU Actually Left Mormonism

When I started talking about leaving the Mormon church aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I was blown away at the reasons members of the faith think I left the church.

It starts circulating in quiet whispers, right?

You start paying attention to lessons at church and the way people talk about why people leave the church and you think, wait, those do not apply to me. Maybe they don't apply to all the people I have known who leave the church too.

You start remember lessons, conversations, things you even used to say, for reasons why people leave the church.

#sorryforwhatIsaidwhenIwasmormon !!!

Then you start putting it all together. Oh, wait, those are just reasons that make members feel better about why their friends, family and acquaintances left the church.

Ahhhh, it all comes together for you. You know the reason why you left the mormon church and I dare bet it had nothing to do with the reasons people think you left. Right?!

I forgot to add the kicker, "you'll be back." So many people have told me this. Ah Amy, you will be back, I just know it.

Have a listen to my latest vlog and tell me if this sounds all too familiar.

I have a feeling you will agree.




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