Have You Ever Challenged Your Beliefs?

Faith Crisis Life Coach

My younger self. I am probably a little younger in this photo than the me in the story I am going to share.

I have a story to tell. Stay with me, it really does come back around to you and possibly your faith crisis.

When I was in elementary school, probably around 3rd grade, I had a teacher who threatened to take me to the principal if my handwriting did not improve.

I could not have imagined anything more scary, at the time. THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE was for the bad kids right? I mean he even had a spanking paddle on the wall. (memory?, that part is foggy)

I was a quiet child, a good girl, rule keeper, always afraid of doing something wrong and so being told I was going to the principals office because my handwriting was sloppy really scared me! Totally scared me.

I mean, seriously, getting told you were going to the principal's office was THE MOST SCARY thing I could imagine in school. Needless to say, I was terrified.

I remember sitting in our big red chair each night working on my handwriting, endlessly, I tried so hard. I practiced (in cursive of course) writing the alphabet, copying sentences out of books, working so hard to improve my writing. I took this task very seriously because.....the principal's office!!!!!!!!!

I must have done a good enough job because I was never sent to the principal's office. phewwww, crisis avoided.

But, all throughout my school years, and even into my adult life, I would hide my writing if people were around. I would literally cover the words as I wrote them with my hand. I didn't want anyone to see my handwriting. I was embarrassed. 

So, for most of my life, I just assumed that I had terrible handwriting. It was just a fact, right? Mrs. XXXXXX said so.

Fast forward to college years, I graduated with a degree in secondary education. Early in my professional career, I taught hundreds and hundreds of high school students which meant I wrote on a chalkboard everyday. I was so scared someone was going to call out my "bad" handwriting and ultimately I could be sent to the principal's office, again! And of course, lose my job. (eyeroll)

Fast forward to 2000, I started my own Ceramic Hand & Footprint business. On each keepsake I created for my customers was my handwriting. I pushed little hands and feet in clay, inscribed names, birthdates, birth weights, etc. on each clay plate. Time and time again, people would ask me if the writing on the plates were stamps because the writing was so pretty. In my mind I was thinking, they must just be trying to be nice, because you know I have bad handwriting.

{{{*sidenote, I did have stamps as an option for my clients but 85% of the time my customers chose my free form handwriting.}}}

It wasn't until several years into my business that I re evaluated my opinion of my own handwriting. Hmmm, maybe I didn't have bad handwriting? How can that be true?

Someone else's thoughts about the "ugliness" of my handwriting still plays a roll in my mind every time someone is watching me write. It does not matter if I am writing a check (although, who does that anymore?) or signing a note or writing on the chalk board.

Anyway, my point is, someone put a thought in my head when I was a little girl and I carried (sometimes still carry) that thought around.

Someone else's thought has stayed with me my whole life EVEN though I have I proof to the contrary.

So, let's think about this. Our thoughts/beliefs are so ingrained in us, about everything.

Do you even examine your deepest thoughts/beliefs? Like, really and truly, the big stuff. I know my story of my handwriting may seem silly, but it was real for me.

Something you may have believed your whole life may not be true.


Can you imagine? Yes, I know you can because you are experiencing this right now with your faith crisis.

What is a thought that someone else has put in your head that you still carry around? It could be anything really? We often just accept that as fact.

We are conditioned in so many ways in this life. So much so that often times we do not stop to question the thought or belief.

Is it true that I had crappy handwriting as a kid? Maybe. But the fear of going to the principal scared me so bad that I attached a thought to my handwriting that haunts me to this day.

So think of something that has happened to you. Something someone has said to you about you. What beliefs have you created because if it? Are they true? What have you made that thing mean about you?

If you have experienced or are experiencing a faith crisis, you know what I am talking about. Thoughts (beliefs) have been put in your head by someone else and then reconfirmed time and time again by tribe. One day, something happens, that makes you question everything.

It is the most amazing process.

I would love to hear a thought that you have believed about yourself, because someone else said it and you just believed it to be true.

What do you want to believe about yourself? Take it to that place. Play with the idea of the power of beliefs. You can believe anything you want. What do you chose?