Can You Let Yourself Be A Beginner?

Faith Crisis Beginner

Let's talk about being a beginner and your faith crisis.

No matter the faith: Mormon, Evangelical, Jehovah's Witness, Seventh-Day Adventist and on and on and on. It feels the same. Heartache first. Freedom second. (or tenth?)

I want you to think for a moment about when you were younger and you got your first job, had your first broken heart, started college, got married, became a parent for the first time. All beginnings, yeah? Firsts.

Your faith crisis is no different.

You are in uncharted territory.

Everything is new.

Everything feels scary.

Everything has changed.

You are in the beginning steps of a faith crisis. This is like walking into a foreign country and you know no one and you do not speak the language and you feel scared. Eventually you will figure it out, but until then, yikes. 

Let yourself be a beginner. There is really no way to not be beginner right now, right?

You will need to feel all the emotions that come with this process.

Know that you will not always be a beginner in this particular arena. It may be hard to imagine, but it is true.

When you see people taking about the different stages of a faith crisis, ( I will post more about this later )  just know more is coming and you do not have to have it all figured out right now. You will experience your faith crisis in perfect time.

Don't try to rush it. Let it unfold as it needs to.

All you have to do right now is be in it. You do not have to have the answers. You will come to your own conclusion in your own time.

There is a lot to learn in this phase of your faith crisis. There are no short cuts.

I look at those of us in this position as pioneers. We are paving the way for those coming up behind us and there will be many.

You are one of the brave souls doing the unexpected work of a faith crisis. There is no one way to get through it. Just keep swimming.

You got this.


I can help you through it when you are ready. Only you know that. It may even be before you are ready or after you have been at this for awhile.

Either way, I am here, to guide you through this journey. Questions?amyloganlife@gmail.com

Your Faith Crisis & Your Apple Cart
Your Faith Crisis. Your Apple Cart

We like our apple cart (life) to be all organized, shiny, and clean. Or maybe for you it is disorganized and dusty. Both totally okay.

We know where everything is in our apple cart. We like it. It works. It has worked for you for years. You are very used to how it is and therefore, how it "should" be.

When you have a faith crisis it is like someone comes inturns over your nice little apple cart that was sitting there minding its own business, doing its own thing, moving along nicely. Not only do they turn the cart over, they smash all the apples and kick a few around.

Got the picture?

Your brain is confused and trying to make sense of what happened. You feel a range of emotions, some off the charts and some just bewilderment, like WHF just happened to my life.

You may sit there and cry. You may get angry. Etc. I actually recommend that for a time. It is good to be in the muck of it all for a bit.

Eventually, you get to the point that you need to get this figured out.

Then, one day, you get up, look around and decide you are going to put it back together the best you can. You may leave some parts out. You may find a new color for you apple cart. You may decide you do not want an apple cart anymore and you are going to go find something completely different.

Life is messy.

Can you find beauty in the rebuild?

Can you see that this is all happening as it should, perfectly, just for you?

When we have been raised to think ONE way, not thinking that way feels very uncomfortable.

Be uncomfortable.

You can’t really avoid it.

Let it be. Let you be.

How can you manage your mind around what is happening?

What if this is exactly how it was supposed to happen [ for ] you?

If this was easy, it would not be referred to as a “crisis.” It will not always feel like a crisis. One day, you will rename it.

Why not rename it now? This is the part where you get to manage all the thoughts running through your head.

Decide on purpose that this is perfect, even the messy uncomfortable parts.

Until tomorrow,

Amy xo


This WILL Happen During Your Faith Crisis. Good New & Bad News, maybe?

Faith Crisis Confusion

This will FOR SURE happen during/after your faith crisis. The quicker you can accept this, the smoother things will go for you.

The only tricky part, it is tricky. It does not have to be tho.

You will be confused. (but you know that already)

People will judge. Friends and family will be sad/mad. People will be passive aggressive towards you. People will pull away from you. Friends and family will be confused and not know what to do. 

Bad news, some of your fears will most likely happen.

Good news, some fears will not happen.

Now that you know. You can move forward anyway.

Say what??? Sounds easier said than done?

BUT, you will be okay and guess what?

You will have judgments of others too. You will pull away from some friends. You will be passive aggressive. You will be sad. You will be mad. You will be confused. You will not know what to do.

This all takes time, but time, you have. 

We often stick in the muck longer than we need to because we are fighting against what is (reality) and how we want it to be.

The suffering is in the in between.

Suffering is optional my dear. {{{yes, it is}}}

More soon,