The Mormon Church and the LGBTQ Policy Reversal

I am feeling a mood today. One that is heavy on my heart because of the news from the Mormon church yesterday reversing their LGBTQ policy.

Today it is about showing love and support to our LGBTQ community.

What can you do today to show up and love one another?

2004 was the year that I started paying attention. It was the year, in Utah, that same sex marriage was being voted on.

I remember talking to VERY close family about this topic.

I was still very much a member of the church at this time, but this was not sitting well with me.

I voiced my approval of same sex marriage and was shut down.

I sat there, quiet and confused.

Why did it matter? If people love each other and want to get married, why not?

The rest is history.

I started paying attention.

As the news came out yesterday, it blew fast through our communities.

I have read story after story of the pain and heartache our LGTBQ brothers and sisters are feeling. The pain is so real. The hurt so deep.

I do not believe these men speak to god. I do not believe this "revelation" ever came from god. I do not believe this latest announcement was from god either.

The church had to make this announcement. They had to reverse what they had done 3.5 years ago. They had to rip off the bandaid and deal with the fallout.

There will be fallout.

I hope members do not blindly follow their leaders anymore.

Start paying attention.

Stop looking away. Stand up an speak for those who need us now.

Call, text, email, message your LGBTQ friends today. Tell them you love them.

I know if you are here on this page, you are not one to stick your head in the sand and I am so grateful for that.

Just know there are people hurting from the news 3.5 years ago and from the news yesterday.

This is what it means to think for yourself. It looks like stepping out of the box of beliefs you were told were right and true and exploring other ways of being.

If you are scared right now, I understand. I have been there.

That feeling in the pit of your stomach is not satan trying to pull you away from the church. It is your own intuition screaming at you. ( I was told that)

Listen to it. Follow where it takes you.

Being in limbo is no fun. Staying stuck is no fun.

Moving on is scary because you have no idea how to show up in a world without the church when you have been taught it is the only way.

We have heard a million times over and over in sacrament meetings, testimony meetings, talks, general conference...

"I don't know where I would be without the church."


You will be away from men who create terrible policies like the one they just "undid."

You will be figuring out how to live your life, on your own terms.

That my dear is freedom.

You are scared, because you have been told to be scared. It is how they set it up.

Any organization that teaches from fear is not one I want to be a part of.

There is life on the other side of mormonism and it is beautiful.

Trust yourself my dear. This is what it looks like.

~Amy xo