• Speaking at Sunstone's Summer Symposium 2019
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Speaking at Sunstone's Summer Symposium 2019
Sunstone Summer Symposium


I am thrilled about this opportunity to speak at Sunstone's 2019 Summer Symposium.


I, of course, will be doing what I love the most, helping people get unstuck and moving on from their faith crisis.


I know how much at one time, you loved it and lived it, mormonism that is, and I also know, through my own very personal experience, how hard it is to figure this strange faith crisis/truth crisis out, when you no longer love it.


It is easy to get stuck there. 


I have great news for you! You do not have to stay in that uncomfortable place.


This is what I will be talking about at Sunstone. I would love to see your beautiful face in the crowd. 


Better yet, life coach with me. My six week Getting Unstuck, The Next Steps is perfect for you. I created it with you in mind. I would love the opportunity to coach you through this stage in your life. I promise it is time well spent.

 ~ Amy


  • Amy Logan
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