• My Mormon Missionary and Working Through Our Differences.
  • Amy Logan
My Mormon Missionary and Working Through Our Differences.

My Missionary Son and Me

Many of you have heard me talk about my son on a Mormon mission. He is in Argentina/Paraguay. (His mission is closing in June and that is a whole other story.)

We have a great relationship. He knows right where I stand and I know where he stands, as far as the church is concerned.

My relationship with him is very important to me and I am thankful for him and all that he teaches me as we work through this time in our lives.

 I wanted to share these sweet photos of him with you.

 I want you to see that he is my reason for working through my issues. I have most of them worked out, but because we have family in the church, sometimes those issues pop up when we are not expecting them. Right?

 YOU are worth it. It is worth you putting in the time and effort to heal your own wounds and pain and anger.

 Keeping relationships with your friends and family in the church does not, in any way take away from your personal experience with the church.

 We all come to our own realization in our own time.

 You are doing it all right!

 Even if you feel hurt and confused and angry and sad.

 I get it. I understand.

 Hang in there.

 Until then, here is my Nathan. 

I miss him so much!

Leaving the church and leaving it alone, nope, not on my watch. Not when my family is still in. But, I have learned to manage my mind around all of it.

I share this and him, with you, so you know, you are not alone.

But, you can learn some amazing tools that will help you as you walk this path. This path is not for whimps. 😉

I am right in it with you.


~Amy xo

  • Amy Logan

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