• Begin Your Unstuckness From All Things Mormon and Exmormon
  • Amy Logan
Begin Your Unstuckness From All Things Mormon and Exmormon

Feel Stuck in your Faith Crisis? You are not alone. Many people do. And really, it makes perfect sense. 

It is very easy to stay stuck in all things mormon and exmormon.

Are you ready to move on? 

I work with my clients on this everyday.

I see and know the frustrations with this dilemma. It is very real.

It is also a very true reality that you CAN move on, in healthy ways from this stuckness you find yourself in.

Try this one tool, the Thought Model.

It may sound simple at first, it involves you changing your thinking, truly changing your thinking and believing the new thoughts you choose to think.

The space in between old thoughts and new thoughts and trusting yourself is where it is at.

I guide my clients through this and it is something we work on every week.

Like I mentioned in this video, these are the cliff notes. This takes practice.

You got this!

And of course I am here for when you are ready to jump in and do the work. Life coach with me. It will pleasantly surprise you. Promise


Amy xo


  • Amy Logan

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