The Life Show Ep. 28 ~ Pat Yourself On The Back

Hey, do you ever get down on yourself? Get in a funk that is hard to get out of?

Me too. I totally do this and once I start going down the rabbit hole of sadness, it can be hard to get out of it. 

Here, I have a challenge for you. Watch this video and then try it. Then, let me know if it works for you? It is all about changing those voices in your head, right?

Sending you so much love on your journey!

~Amy xo

Essential Oils & YOU!

Are you ready?! Ohmygosh! This is it. So many goodies headed your way when you take the leap with me. When you order your essential oils starter kit this month, through me, you get to be mentored by me AND you get all of these beautiful oils AND of course my favorite The Essential Life book.

My favorite starter kit is the Home Essentials Kit. It come with all you see in this first photo...

Lemon Oil
Peppermint Oil
Lavender Oil
Frankincense Oil
DigestZen Oil
Breathe Oil
On Guard Oil
Oregano Oil
Melaleuca Oil
Deep Blue Oil
and a diffuser.

Extra goodies this month include; The Essential Life Book, a bottle of fractionated coconut oil, a bottle of Balance, Citrus Bliss, Serenity, Armomatouch, and Lavender oils. (this is huge!)

When you begin your own essential oil journey, you do not have to sell product. I actually hope you start your EO path to incorporate a more holistic way of showing up in the world.

Starting your own business with essential oils is an option. If you are interested in doing that too, let me know! I would love to have you join me for that reason too. One of the reasons why I do what I do, besides being more holistic in the way I take care of myself, is to help empower others, both financially and emotionally. I love what I do and I love sharing the power and healing essential oils can bring into you life.

Let's chat! I am waiting for you.

Really, I am. ~Amy xoxo

(ready to change your life for the better?! link below)


The Life Show Ep. 25 ~ What are you working on? Me? Energy.

One of the lessons that keeps showing up for me is how to harness more energy in my life. I will master this at some point, but until then, I will keep working on it. And that my friend is the key. One must create energy in order to get energy. Movement/motion creates more of the same.

I would love to hear what you are working on! What lesson keeps showing up in your life?


The Life Show Ep. 23 ~ Friends

Growing up, I had a very idealized few of how I "thought" friendships should be. I thought I would have a best friend and that friend and I would be life long besties. I thought this so much so that when a friend showed up in my life, in college, I thought the same thing. I thought we would live parallel lives, live near each other, raise our babies together, have lunch together often and maybe even have family vacations together. Well, this did not happen, in the least.

Friends come and go and it is important for us to realize this and cherish the time they are in our lives as special. I look at it now as seasons of friends. Can you relate to that?

So, with that in mind, keep your eyes open. You never know when your next friend will show up. :)

Much love,


The Life Show Ep. 20 ~ Let It Go

How many times have you heard the term or phrase, Let It Go? I think often time the little part that is forgotten is the time needed to mourn before letting go. It is okay and part of the process. Then, after said amount of time, pull yourself together, dust off if need be, and Let It Go.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share them with me here or on Facebook, Amy Logan Life and Art.

~Amy xo

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